Project Initiation, Planning and Execution

Project Initiation, Planning and Execution

Your task Individually, you are required to prepare a 1600 word report in which you are to analyse the success and failure factors of a major Australian project by considering its ethical compromises.

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Project Initiation, Planning and Execution
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Assessment Description.

In this individual assessment, students will be given an opportunity to analyse the organisational factors that promote effective project management. The success and failure factors, along with ethical considerations for each of the 5 IPECC phases, will need to be considered.



Assessment Instructions

Please choose one of the following projects as the basis for your research (For your chosen projectyou are to focus on the construction and implementation of the project, following the IPECC phases, and not its current operations beyond what is required in closure).

Design and Implementation of My Health Record

Establishing the MacArthur Wind Farm

Construction of the Adelaide Desalination Plant

Wille Creek Mine Regeneration Project

Construction of Optus StadiumPlease note that the above links are provided to give only an initial outline of what the project delivered,and substantial additional research will be required to complete your assessment successfully.

Once you have conducted thorough research about your chosen project, you are then required to prepare a 1600 word report in which you are to:

• Analyse in detail both the steps critical for your chosen project’s success and the critical pitfalls that could have lead to its failure. Relate the specific success and fail factors to your nominated project and do not just describe a generic theory or simple definitions.

•For each of 5 IPECC stages, you are to analyse the success and failure factors for each of those stages. You are required to analyse at least one success criteria and at least one failure criteria for each stage.If you are unable to identify success or fail criteria for a particular stage, you are required to postulate at least one criteria; but it must be based on sound theory and your knowledge of the case study.
• Integrate the ethical considerations into each of these steps and show how ethicalconsiderations may impact the success or failure of the chosen project.
In preparing this report, you will need to use at least 10 sources of information and reference these in accordance with the Kaplan Harvard Referencing Style. These may include websites, government publications, industry reports, census data, journal articles, and newspaper articles. These references should be presented as in-text citations and a reference list at the end of your proposal. Wikipedia and other ‘popular’ sites are not to be used



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