Project: Create a ​Human Impact​​Children’s Book​ Biology

Project: Create a ​Human Impact​​Children’s Book​ Biology
If your family has guests for the weekend, you may find that you run out of hot water for showers or do not have enough milk for everyone’s breakfast. You previously learned that resources such as food, water and living space can be limiting factors for biological populations. These same resources limit Earth’s population. As the human population grows, it uses more resources – just as your weekend visitors used more of your home’s resources. The activities of the growing human population are putting pressure on Earth’s ecosystems. Whether we like it or not, humans have a significant impact, both positive and negative, on the world in which we all live.
Your assignment is to research five topics about how humans are currently having an impact on the Earth. In order to improve your own mastery of the topics and help elementary students start learning these concepts early on, you will create a children’s book about the five key topics listed below. You must summarize the information for your topic while still including key details. However, you also must simplify the material in a voice that an 8-10-year-old could understand.
What to do​:
1.Create a children’s book covering the following topics: Chemical Use, Natural Resources Consumption, Introduction of non-native species, Greenhouse gasses production, Reduction of biodiversity and population. See the table below for details on each topic.
2.The book must have a.
A cover page with a ​title​ and b.10 pages(2 pages per topic), each page including an illustration and words
c.The setting or location of the story or stories is clearly indicated by words or pictures.
d.Scientific explanations of key concepts (see table below) in an appropriate ​voice​ for an ​8-10-year-old​ childen
Use ​fonts​ & ​color​ to ​highlight​​key​​words​ or ​topics​ and check for appropriate spelling and grammar f.Neat, colorful, and appropriate illustrations to accompany your story; illustrations may be from the internet or drawn by you.g.All information must be accurate, informative, clear and appropriate for


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