Progress Monitoring

Progress monitoring is a type of formative assessment in which student learning is evaluated
on a regular basis to provide useful feedback about performance to both students and
teachers. Though there are a number of methods for monitoring a student’s progress, the most
widely used is general outcome measurement, sometimes referred to as curriculum-based
measurement (CBM).


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Progress Monitoring
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Progress monitoring consists of the frequent administration (e.g., once
per month, every two weeks) of brief probes or tests, which include sample items from every
skill taught across the academic year. After each probe is scored, the teacher or student plots
the score on an individual CBM graph. The teacher can then use this data to determine a
• Rate of growth — Average growth of a student’s mathematics skills over a period of time
• Performance level — An indication of a student’s current mathematics skills, often
denoted by a score on a test or probe.


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