Program Implementation

In Module Four, you partially completed and submitted the logic model diagram by adding three components: inputs, activities, and outcomes. The fourth component of the logic model is feedback loops, which you have explored in this module. Feedback loops help achieve continuous communication throughout the program’s life cycle.

Before your program implementation begins, it’s important to identify the barriers and risks associated with it. Identifying barriers and risks to program implementation will help you minimize them and enhance the benefits. Also, you must plan a strategy to implement feedback loops in a program’s life cycle to achieve continuous improvement in your program. The inclusion of feedback loops is the final stage of the logic model for planning a program, which you worked on in your Module Four Project Preparation assignment.

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Program Implementation
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This assignment will help you complete the logic model diagram, which you will use in the course project presentation. It will also help identify the barriers, risks, and benefits associated with implementing your program.


Write a short report to describe your program’s barriers, risks, and benefits and the feedback loops and communication pathways in your program plan.


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