Program Budget

Program Budget


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Program Budget
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Future Leader is a highly robust company in the education and training sector which provides reliable learning development for different persons. Understanding the company’s mandate is crucial since this process increases reliability when dealing with student development procedures. Student improvement is highly imperative since it increases professionalism and thus using SAT math training shall create a reliable business driven focus for Future Leader. Analysis of the company’s finances is imperative since it generates reliable connection with sales processes that shall increase quality business procedures and conformity to company activities. Payments for different student needs shall get structured to conform to their levels of learning and requirements for improvement by their teachers. Expenses involved in the work environment shall include payment of teachers, purchase of technological resources, and provision of quality internal activity management. In these ways, it shall be possible to handle business development and creating of feasible goals.

The company’s pricing strategy involves payments depending on students’ existent capacity. Providing a one-time payment is crucial since it allows students to enjoy a lot of services and create balance with their personal finances. Price plans shall be $3,000 for students that have 600 points, $5,000 for 700 points, and $7,000 for 800 points. Trial classes shall create trust in the company’s services that create quality learning improvement. Discount services shall be possible for Future Leader if it collaborates with students from other institutions. Analysis of funding source is crucial and, in this case, it shall get provided by a bank loan to finance the payment of different teachers. Using diverse step costing points shall get performed in diverse techniques structured to promote business development. The budget package shall involve quality business development procedures.

Budget Monitoring

Future Leader shall operate in high quality after learning about how to operate in effective methods which increase quality resource allocation and connecting to business environment activities. The proposed period of work activities for Future Leader shall be 12 months that shall cover a lot of internal activities created to conform to business environment requirements. Revenue generated by the company shall be approximately $200,000 for the twelve-month period since there shall be different structured methods of dividing the budget and promoting quality resource utilization. Connection to client needs is crucial since it shall create quality payments for all internal process development activities. Revenue development processes shall get structured to handle different sales activities that connect to client needs. Since payment shall get performed depending on students’ level of expertise, it shall be imperative to ensure quality resources allocation. The approximate $200,000 revenue is feasible since many students are expected to improve their SAT scores.

Operating revenue depends on the payment students shall provide for their SAT scores’ improvement. Creation of interconnected budget allocation shall be crucial depending on operating revenues and their ability to increase quality resources allocation procedures. The operating revenue method involved at Future Leader is sales and consulting services that create cohesion with company business operations. Sales activities dependent on students’ existent level of understanding are crucial to enhance possibility of creating benefits of increasing quality sales operation and provision of teaching services (Jiang & Gong, 2019). Maintenance of internal company activities shall generate revenue improvement especially after connecting to teachers’ requirements involved in different departmental activities. SAT test contents are imperative to handle diverse sales processes, since it shall be possible to divide services that students gain to increase quality resource division. Operating sales for the company shall get divided according to the budget in table 1 below.

Table 1

Business Budget
Income Actual
Quarter 1 sales $50,000
Quarter 2 sales $50,000
Quarter 3 sales $50,000
Quarter 4 sales $50,000
Total Operating Income $200,000
Rent $10,000
Electricity $5,000
Internet $10,000
Salaries $30,000
Maintenance and Repairs $2,000
Total Operating Expenses $62,000

Analysis of the table 1 indicated above displays different ways in which the budget shall get monitors. All the expenses are mandatory since the classes shall get performed at a physical location. It shall be possible to handle many internal business activities all of which will improve on productive business focus promotion. Dealing with income management procedures shall create a reliable budget handling process designed to increase quality business procedures. Provision of grammar and writing services is crucial to improve on reliable handling of the work environment activities. In this regard, internet payments and ensuring the business environment operates in high quality are all required in the budget since they create a reliable method of allocating funds in different departments (Grove, 2019).

The forecast cash flow process involved at Future Leaders shall use the difference of cash received and cash spent to determine profitability of the company. The cash flow is $200,000-$62,000 which produces $138,000. All the cash produced in the cash flow analysis shall get used to handle quality operations of different business development procedures. It is factual to estimate the operating income as indicates since there are many students attempting to increase their SAT scores. Use of online training shall promote better sales since students can require services for their use in virtual locations.


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