Professional Networking Sites

Professional networking sites such as LinkedIn allow people to link to, and interact with, others who

work in their industry or related ones. More general social media sites include MySpace and Facebook,

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Professional Networking Sites
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which also present threaded discussions and dynamic interfaces with groups that may or may not be

limited to those that user intends. Interactive writing platforms such as blogs, wikis, and cloud computing

involve having common documents stored on the Internet, which can be accessed from multiple sites at

once, further facilitating the interaction. Blogs are Web pages with periodic posts that may or may not

feature feedback responses from readers. Wikis are collaborations on web content that are created and

edited by users. Cloud computing involves secure access of files from anywhere as information is stored

remotely. Somewhere between a social networking site, where people gather virtually to interact, and

a computer game lies the genre of avatar-activated virtual worlds such as Second Life. In these

environments, users can meet others and make friends, participate in activities, and create and trade

virtual property and services.


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