Professional Letter

Throughout your career, you will often be asked to consult on patients and provide various letters. Some examples include a primary care provider who may ask you to see their patient who they feel is too young or too complex for them to manage. When they have referred this patient to you, it is a professional courtesy to write a letter thanking them for the referral, explaining your diagnosis and treatment plans (remember has to be a psychiatric diagnosis). Patients may ask you to write letters to the school or to their employer to excuse an absence or for school/ work accommodations. These are appropriate requests; however, you need to be aware that you must not violate HIPPA laws when writing these letters.

For your signature assignment, choose a patient that you have seen during your clinicals to write a professional letter. The letter can either be:

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Professional Letter
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· a consultation letter that you would send back to a primary care provider who referred a patient to you to update them on the status of the patient or

· a school/ work for recommendations for a patient who needs special accommodations, FMLA, IEP, or 504.


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