Product Fit

Would anyone buy a Lamborghini if they were not over-the-top about everything? Every brand appeals to some customer identity. Understanding what attracts existing customers and what will bring in new customers is essential to a brand. The branding of the consumer audio equipment company Beats differs significantly from that of its competitor, Sennheiser. Beats focuses on youth appeal and looks since its customers care less about the intricacies of music and more about appearances and the perception of luxury. Their customer wants to pay extra for the sake of everyone else knowing they spent the money. Sennheiser, on the other hand, is a pure quality performer, and thus its image is simpler and geared toward those who are willing to pay for superior technology. Browsing the websites of these two companies will clearly reveal this marketing distinction.

TOMS shoes knew it wanted to give back to the world by providing footwear to those in need. Rather than choosing a wishy-washy approach, TOMS set a simple one-for-one model. This clear branding for its product, centered on charity, allowed the impact of every purchase to be visible to consumers. Visibility is important in all industries, but especially so in non-profits.

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Product Fit
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