Private Love Public School: Gay Teacher Under Fire`

Book Project

Private Love Public School: Gay Teacher Under Fire`

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Private Love Public School: Gay Teacher Under Fire`
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                        Please answer the following questions.  You may just cut and paste the question and type your answer below.

  1. Discuss three specific examples of LGBTQ+ prejudice or discrimination from the story that stood out to you the most in the story and WHY these (1/2 page minimum for  answer)


  1. Discuss how the following two systems we have discussed in class contributed to the problem/issues/experiences discussed in the book.  (1/2 page minimum for answer)

Exosystem– (policies, laws, forms of media and information)


Macrosystem– (broad ideological and cultural aspects of society)


  1. Discuss examples from the book that illustrate two different forms of power (based on French and Raven’s Six Bases of Power-notes found on Bb)  (1/2 page minimum answer)



  1. Discuss your personal insights from the story and its contribution to your under standing of social inequality along with some suggestions for how this problem might be addressed.  (1/2 page minimum answer)



  1. Write one discussion question based on the book that involves one of our class concepts and briefly answer it. (1/4 page minimum answer)


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