Privacy and Social Media

You have to do a short response to a discussion about privacy and social media.

The benefits of sharing daily life events online can be income, a person can be an entertainer or influencer, or be a personal trainer. Others use social media to promote their business. To express opinions, people around the world love sharing opinions about celebrities, politics, sport, e.g., and if away from home, online gives access to stay in touch with friends and family. Individuals have “control” over who sees their social media page. Online life can have many disadvantages, such as identity theft, stalkers, spam, online addiction, and addiction to online games leading to social isolation and depression. An example of a disadvantage is hacking, which allows hackers to access private information. Many people don’t set their social media to private and if everyone sees it, some people end up stealing their pictures and make fake accounts. We can maintain privacy by having setting personal social media accounts to private, that way only people you know are able to see what you want them to see. If employers examine an applicant’s account, it is not guaranteed that the employer is not going to share information. An employer having access to this information does pose privacy issues, especially if the person is living public life online, then there is no use in getting her or his account password.

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Privacy and Social Media
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