Preview a movie (Addictions related)

Preview a movie (or an episode of a series) of your choosing that includes any addiction related theme. This can be related to a substance abuse or process (behavioral) addiction. Write a 5 page paper including the following themes: A brief synopsis of what you’ve viewed in your own words (one paragraph is sufficient)Define and identify the Stages of Change Model and Levels of Use (Substance Use Continuum) as it applies to the character(s) and their addiction. Be sure to use examples to explain why you’ve identified the stages of change and levels of use. Think about what help is available for this person. If you were a new character introducedin the movie or series as a justice worker or addictions worker (and the film setting was changed to Calgary), how would you become involved with the individual?Identify ONE treatment intervention that you would suggest for them around your city Calgary. For example, what services would you refer them to? (Note – if this is already demonstrated in the movie or series please identify another treatment intervention that could be applied)What support or services would you suggest for the individual’s family member or friend?Explain why you chose these interventions and how they would help. Please use at least 4 sources (including the movie or series, the textbook, and agency referral information) and ensure your work is cited appropriate

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Preview a movie (Addictions related)
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