Presenting Information Effectively

Did you ever why some TED talks go viral? Or why do some seem to be better than others? Are communication signals contagious? Vanessa Van Edwards reveals some very interesting insights in this area.  Take note of how she describes the use of hands and gestures that we use as well as conversation starters (and killers as well).

Think about some of the hints offered the next time you engage with others. After the video and during this week, I’d really like each of you to incorporate some of her ideas into your daily life and see if there are any changes.   These can be practical exercises of Human Relations.

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Presenting Information Effectively
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Questions to answer in this week’s discussion.

1. What was the most enlightening part of the talk? What really stood out to you?

2. Have you ever done any of the conversation killers that she discussed?

3. What specific actions would you take to utilize some of her recommendations?

4. If you changed anything about yourself this week based on her talk what were some of your observations?


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