Presentation Phase

The third phase of negotiation is presentation. In this phase, you assemble the information you’ve

gathered in a way that supports your position. In a job hiring or salary negotiation situation, for instance,

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Presentation Phase
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you can present facts that show what you’ve contributed to the organization in the past (or in a previous

position), which in turn demonstrates your value. Perhaps you created a blog that brought attention to

your company or got donations or funding for a charity. Perhaps you’re a team player who brings out the

best in a group.


“Manufacturing the products in that time frame is not the problem,” the manufacturer replies, “but

getting them shipped from Asia is what’s expensive for us.”

When you hear that, a light bulb goes off. You know that your firm has favorable contracts with shipping

companies because of the high volume of business the firm gives them. You make the following

counteroffer: “Why don’t we agree that my company will arrange and pay for the shipper, and you agree to

have the products ready to ship on March 30 for $10.5 million instead of $11 million?” The manufacturer

accepts the offer—the biggest expense and constraint (the shipping) has been lifted. You, in turn, have

saved money as well.



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