Preparing the Statement of Cash Flows

Complete the following problems:

  • Problem 2-1: Preparing Financial Statements
  • Problem 2-2: Preparing the Statement of Cash Flows

You can access the problem details by clicking on Understanding Financial Statements, Cash Flows and Taxes in your course.

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Preparing the Statement of Cash Flows
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Complete the problems in an Excel spreadsheet. Be sure to show all your work on the Excel spreadsheet to receive credit; no hard keys.please i need it to be in an exel sheet as written


FIN500: Principles of Finance

Module 2 Critical Thinking Assignment



Problem 2-1: Preparing Financial Statements

Using the following data:  
1. Prepare an income statement in good form
2. Prepare end of year balance sheet in good form
3. Calculate net working capital
4. Calculate the debt ratio
Depreciation expense 75,000
Cash 250,000
Long-Term Debt 450,000
Net Sales 750,000
Accounts payable 98,000
Marketing and general and administrative expenses 110,000
Buildings and Equipment 950,000
Notes payable 80,000
Accounts receivable 165,000
Interest expense 5,250
Accrued expenses 8,500
Common Stock 350,000
Cost of Goods sold 250,000
Inventory 105,000
Taxes 72,000
Problem 2-2 Preparing Statement of Cash Flows  
Given the following data, prepare a statement of cash flows.
Increase in accounts receivable 42
Increase in inventories 37
Operating Income 105
Interest Expense 35
Increase in accounts payable 32
Dividends 18
Increase in common stock 23
Increase in net fixed assets 27
Depreciation Expense 14
Income taxes 20


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