Prader-Willi · Autism · Cerebral Palsy · Down’s Syndrome

Please choose ONE disease/condition from below and briefly summarize medical aspects & common symptoms.

· Prader-Willi

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Prader-Willi · Autism · Cerebral Palsy · Down’s Syndrome
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· Autism

· Cerebral Palsy

· Down’s Syndrome

Then, address each of the following topics:

· Are there any weight issues associated with the disease/condition? What does the research say?

· Does the disease alter GI tract function (digestion or absorption)? What is recommended?

· What feeding or meal consumption challenges/ issues may exist in children with this condition? Recommendations? (may include theories here)

· Does the disease/condition alter overall calorie/protein requirements?

· Does the disease or condition raise the risk of other nutrition associated side effects or chronic diseases (i.e. diabetes, heart disease, alzheimers)? Can the risk be reduced?


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