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Power Verbs
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Power Verbs


Question to response post

Please respond to one discussion post.

Compare your experience with the Active Verbs activity with that of your peer.

  • Was their experience with the activity similar to yours?
    • If they had similar experiences with the questions, discuss why you think you had similar outcomes.
    • If they had different experiences with the questions, offer advice on how they might improve their outcomes.
  • Discuss how their takeaway compares to yours.
    • If it was the same, discuss why you think it was the same?
    • If it is different, discuss how it differs and what you can learn from their takeaway.
  • Provide feedback on their plan to use what they have learned to build their resume.
    • Suggest a different way they might improve their resume based on what you and they have learned.
    • Share one way you can use their plan to improve your own resume, cover letter, or interview response.

Please be sure to validate your opinions and ideas with citations and references in APA format.



Please respond to one classmate here: Lohn

  • Discuss your experiences as you worked through that activity.
    • I could not work through the activity as it only asked me three questions and told me I had mastered the exercise. Reading through the posts, someone else also experienced the same issue. If anyone has insight, I would greatly appreciate it.
  • Describe the question in the activity for which you felt least prepared and explain why it was difficult for you 
    • I did not feel there was any question that I was least prepared for during the activity. However, I did have to stop and think about the question referencing action words and whether we should begin the sentences with those words. I must admit it was not something I had given much thought to. I have a resume completed and ready to insert the last of my education after the BSN program. I went back into my resume and looked for those descriptions and noticed some sections could benefit from using them.
  • Describe the most important takeaway from the experience.
    • My most important takeaway from this experience is that there is always an improvement for things I felt were up to and beyond standards.
  • Detail how you will use what you learned in this unit and the Active Verbs activity to promote yourself in your cover letter, resume, and responses to interview questions.
    • I will use the knowledge of this activity to use more descriptive and attention-grabbing words on my cover letter and resume.
    • The main focus of the resume is to touch on the experiences that are relevant to the position I will be applying for after graduation.  As an adult learner with many years of experience behind me, I will need to make sure that my resume is concise and only use experiences that relate to the position I am seeking (APA, n.d.)




American Psychological Association. (n.d.). Make your resume stand out. American Psychological Association. Retrieved September 15, 2021, from https://www.apa.org/gradpsych/2016/01/resume.



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