Power and Society

1. Go to the website: www.yale.edu/implicit and complete the survey/exercise.

2. Look at TV shows, listen to music to identify the race and SES status (socio-economic status) of at least 2 major characters or recording artists. Look in the newspaper, internet or listen to radio for reports about how they are affected racism.

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Power and Society
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3. On the web look up hate groups, Neo-Nazi, and White supremacist groups to see what ideas or activities they are promoting~ )aryan-nations.org; strhatetalk.com).

4. Look up affirmative action groups such as the NAACP or the Southern Poverty Law Center to see what ideas or activities they are promoting. www.splcenter.org *simonwiesenthalcenter.org

In a two and half double spaced paper, discuss your findings.


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