Potential Issues with "Key Players" in regards to NIMS

Paper details:
Please identify and discuss two (2) issues that in your opinion either are or could become significant negative problems or failure areas in the decision making process that involve “key players”. Specifically address the problems associated with the fact that many “key players” or key decision makers are elected officials vice career government managers or emergency management personnel. These officials while for the most part very intelligent people and extremely keen to the political or public relations aspects of any significant event are not always technically well versed in the mechanics of the planning or response problem, or all of the elements that must be considered to make “quality” decisions. Thus they often tend to respond with “politically oriented” short term decisions responding to events that may or may not require wise long term solutions. Perhaps the old saying about robbing Peter to pay Paul is appropriate. Many have said that one of the most difficult things to remember about dealing with politicians is that by the nature of the beast they cannot plan and thus cannot think beyond the next election cycle. Simply because they may not be reelected. What issues do you believe would be adversely affected by this infusion of the political aspect of problem solving vice having a written, well defined, pre-planned, and frequently tested response plan, or placing the decision process in the hands of emergency personnel, such that an emergency situation required only a minimum discussion of the options by the “key players”?
If possible include references involving the decision process of local officials from the area in which you reside where they are the key players of the NIMS process. Again focus on factual issues not opinion issues. Academic/scholarly quality reference material concerning the responses of local officials in a NIMS exercise maybe in extremely short supply. Accordingly you may need to address a local official’s response in either an actual natural event or terrorist incident. If unable to locate information concerning local officials you may address state or federal level officials. Use official policies, professional journals, or other quality references as your primary sources. Use local media coverage or similar less desirable sources as supporting evidence only if discussions in official AARs is in short supply. Please do the best that you can concerning the quality of reference issue. Attempt to use dot gov, dot edu, web sites which tend to provide more of an official review over dot org or dot com web sites which tend to provide more bias reviews.

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Potential Issues with "Key Players" in regards to NIMS
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