Post traumatic stress disorder

Watch the Huger Games: Catching Fire (2013) very closely and then write a 5-6-page paper (double spaced, 12-font, APA format) discussing how the film (it’s characters, plot, etc.) portray the psychological disorder (Post traumatic stress disorder). Go into details in your descriptions. Talk about how certain characters have the particular features of the disorder in question (really detail each feature and how it relates to the disorder in question), how they deal with it, how others react to them, their journey/struggle, as well as how they manage to live with it and what happens to them. Critique the film. How do you feel about how the disorder was depicted by Hollywood? How would you have portrayed it differently? What was your emotional reactions? Also pretend you are a therapist and describe how you would try to help the characters in the film who suffered. What would you do to treat or help them?

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Post traumatic stress disorder
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