Post purchase Outcomes

DB #4 – Post purchase Outcomes

On page 124 of your text, there is discussion around post purchase outcomes.  Exhibit 6.3 shows customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, and post purchase cognitive dissonance as the outcomes.  For a business, understanding consumer behavior, which of these three do you feel is the most important to cater to from a company perspective?  This could be for either a service or product-based company.  Is one of the three more important or are all three parts of a triangle that needs to be in balance.

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Post purchase Outcomes
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DB #5 – Targeting

In chapter 9 of the text, the discussion centers around segmentation, targeting, and positioning.  On page 191 of the text, Exhibit 9.7 looks at targeting strategies.  For each of the four areas:  differentiated, concentrated, micro-marketing (one-to-one), and undifferentiated (mass marketing), discuss what each of these means and give an example for each type.

When it is all said and done, is one of the four strategies better than the others? Why or why not?

DB #6 – ??




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