Positive Attitude

When considering our personality, values, and attitudes, we can begin to get the bigger picture of who we

are and how our experiences affect how we behave at work and in our personal lives. It is a good idea to

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Positive Attitude
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reflect often on what aspects of our personality are working well and which we might like to change. With

self-awareness, we can make changes that eventually result in better human relations.

Why Human Relations? Our personality traits, attitude, and self-esteem have everything to do with human relations. When you

are planting a vegetable garden, you wouldn’t fill the new garden with old soil that no longer has nutrients

in it. Doing this will result in your plants not growing as large as they can or could even result in them not

growing at all. If we look at our human relations ability, the same idea applies. Personality, attitude,

and self-esteem comprise the nutrient-rich soil required for our human relations skills to

grow. Our personality is how we see the world, either positive and full of hope or negative and full of

despair. Without a positive attitude, it can be difficult to relate to others—because they may

not want to be around us! Likewise, having a positive self-image can give us the confidence to nurture

relationships, resulting in positive human relations as well. Just like the garden that needs soils

rich in nutrients, our human relations skills are the same. To make our human relations skills

grow, we need to look at our underlying personality characteristics, attitudes, and self-esteem that could

be helping—or hindering—our ability to relate to others.


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