Position Presentation Assignment Instructions

Health Policy Issue: Position Presentation Assignment Instructions


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Position Presentation Assignment Instructions
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Using the health policy from the Health Policy Issue: Position Paper Assignment, the student will prepare a presentation as if briefing policy decision makers about a relevant state or federal bill/policy, or local ordinance, that has been introduced but not yet passed, or one that exists in need of revision OR elimination. The student will organize their thoughts and communicate in a concise manner to persuade a legislative figure or committee.



The student’s position will be delivered via a method that incorporates both audio and visual components. The presentation should include quantitative and qualitative data to support the student’s position.. PowerPoint, there is a 10 slide limit, which does not include the title slide and references slide. A minimum of 5 scholarly citations published within the last 5 years are required. Use current APA formatting.


The Health Policy Issue: Position Presentation Assignment should be submitted to both the Assignment submission link and the video should be embedded in the Discussion Thread: Health Policy Issue – Position Presentation Feedback.


Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool.


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