Portfolio Paper (policy, value, and fact claims

  • The Portfolio Paper (worth 25 points) calls for students to write a research paper based on their work in the previous two papers. The Portfolio Paper is a grand finale—Policy claim, at least two value claims, and at least two fact claims all rolled into one MLAstyle package.
  • The Portfolio Paper should be approximately 3500 words (14 pages or so) in length, and must be double- spaced and word-processed. MLA documentation style is the norm. As with the previous papers, please submit a description of the audience with the paper.
  • A Portfolio claim promotes a reasoned course of action to a specific audience using both value and fact claims as components of the argument; thus, adequately to respond to this assignment students should include at least two value claims and at least two fact claims in support of their portfolio’s policy.
  • Library-based information remains central. As before, choose sources wisely: Make sure they are credible, relevant, authoritative, and recent.
  • Further, in this paper, consequences are critical—If the course of action being promoted is undertaken, what short- and long- term consequences may arise? Explore benefits and detriments of the action you propose.
  • Like the Value Claim, Portfolio papers will be evaluated on the quality of thesis and supporting argument; on proper MLA-style integration of relevant, sufficient, and reliable support; and on the quality of written expression, including format, style, mechanics, and grammar.


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