Polynesian French

Quality of English is very clear
Precise and impeccable
Has no difficulty in expressing ideas and communicating information found in English
Has no difficulty in using grammatical conventions in a conversation, and the right context
Presentation is 7-8 minutes
Demonstrates superior ability to respond to questions spontaneously in various situations
Visual is exceptionally well done, attractive, contains additional elements
Uses a variety of informative texts (research)
Has no difficulty in communicating ideas or information logically and in your own words
Impeccable use of all linguistic conventions learned in writing
Very little or no grammatical errors
Very little or no syntax errors.

For your Research Papers:
You will pick a country which is (Polyneisin French) and do research on the following question.
In this format:
You can
Site of the Website :(Insert Link Here) Can insert as many links used. No need for links for pictures.
Answer to the Question in Point Form: (Insert Answer in Point Form)
Information (In Point Form):
Add many points you want to reveal about the answer.

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Polynesian French
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And at the end of each question write a paragraph all the information you obtain into a paragraph, be very specific and explain in details (write this as you are present this in front of someone make it interesting)

Search for all points and PLEASE BE SURE TO WRITE IN YOUR OWN WORDS! Everything.

You must use all the grammatical conventions studied this semester in the correct context during the written production.

For your Presentation:

A lot of photos that fit what you present each slide

You must have a minimum of one slide for each question.

You can divide your Google presentation however you want.

Your presentation must be made using Google Slides.

You must make an electronic collage of photos that will accompany your searched points.

Here are your Questions:

* 1. Percentage of Francophones (Francophone mother tongue and second language) *

* 2. Culture (tradition, food, clothing, etc.)

3. The main religion of the country/city and number of Catholics

4. The artists (music, visual art, stars, theatre, authors)

5. The lifestyle of the population (city, country, etc.)
6. The jobs of the population and the economy of the country (industrial sectors – primary and secondary; is it an industrial, fishing, hunting or agricultural country? is it a blue-collar or white-collar country etc.) What are people doing in this area?

* 7. Education (Do people have a university degree? What is the level of education?).

8. The main attractions and tourist places

9. Is it a developing country or a member of the G20?

10. The development of technology (Is the technology advanced in this place? Yes or No? Explain why?)

11. Their geographical location (Which natural disasters affect this place based on their situation?)

* 12. Specific French-speaking expressions used in the country/city AND an explanation of each expression (a minimum of 5 expressions) * Photos


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