Pollution – Issues and Potential Solutions

Assignment 2 Instructions

Assignment 2: Pollution – Issues and Potential Solutions

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Pollution – Issues and Potential Solutions
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For this assignment, you will do independent research on a particular pollution issue of interest to you and write a short paper discussing the issue and its potential solutions. Choosing a narrowly focused issue is generally better for a short paper. You may not choose ocean-plastic issues, but you can investigate other pollution consequences associated with various forms of plastic production and/or consumption.

Paper Requirements:

Expected length: (3 –

4 double spaced pages) (less than 1000 words)

Format: Formal paper, with Title, Introduction, Body, Conclusion, In-text citations and References page (APA or similar consistent citation style). Times New Roman 12-point font, 1 inch margins, double spaced text.

Sources: Minimum 3 sources, including at least 1 peer-reviewed scientific journal article.

Content: Choose 1 pollution problem and any potential solutions. You will write a better paper and have an easier time doing so if you narrow your topic choice as much as possible – to a specific form of pollution or place where it is consequential or even a particular technological innovation being attempted in solution to it.

Writing Style: This is a formal paper. Do not address it to your instructor. Instead write your narrative as if you are reporting to a mainstream, reasonably educated, public audience.


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