Polling Website

Indicate which polling website you explore

2. Identify the topic you explored on the website

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Polling Website
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3. Summarize the findings you read about, the findings from the poll(s) that the website performed

4. What are your general impressions of the findings?

5. Finally, describe how websites like these help us understand social and cultural trends and changes. How are polling websites like these, that rely on surveying large masses of people, important to us in today’s world?

**Note: Be sure your reflection assignment is minimally 250 words. See the online assignments portion of your syllabus for more details about assignment requirements. Submit the assignment in a Word document or PDF .Explore ONE of these popular and influential polling websites.

Find a topic on which people have been polled that interests you. From here https://www.gallup.com https://www.pewresearch.org/

Requirements: 250 words


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