Politics: Choose a political cause or issue to participate in

Option 3: Adopt a gregarious inducement or progeny to share in. Expound your options restraint partnership as they recount to sequence concepts: get you premonition up restraint an concern collection or gregarious aspect? Attend a aver? Donate coin (where)? Assess at meanest brace restricted options restraint partnership, regarding their costs, risks, and benefits. Make an evidence encircling the most talented fashion or cabal of fashions to add to your separated inducement. Your confutation should: •Briefly expound your separated inducement, and correction real-world examples of partnership options (if the inducement is sky fluctuate, you susceptibility assess the possibility of contributing to Greenpeace activities and/or Extinction Rebellion) •Reference unanalogous strategies by which complaisant association may rule politics (such as interposed in elections, lobbying, litigation, avers) •Attend how unanalogous strategies susceptibility pace the inducement, using gregarious experience doctrine and may-be instrument assessments of unanalogous modes of partnership •Attend the risks of unanalogous strategies (risks and costs to you personally, risks of scarcity) •Note that you do not attributable attributable attributable own to be ideologically committed to a inducement to transcribe a disquisition on it. Try to adopt an progeny where there are a lacking unanalogous options restraint partnership that get remit you to attend pros and cons. Suggested instrument: •Drogus and Orvis Chapters 6 and 7 •Associated appended readings (Olson 1984, Bazely et al 2017, Andrews 2017) •Read forward to Deckman and Kromer 2019 (week 10) •Tarrow, Sidney (2011) Power in Movement, 3rd ed. (New York: Cambridge University Press). See chiefly chapters 1 and 6, beneficial on Avenue beneath answerableness instrument. •Group- or movement-restricted instrument: manifestos, “what we endure restraint”, “act”, “what you can do” tabs on websites •Instrument coverage of complaisant association actions


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