Political Cartoon Analysis/Evaluation

Political Cartoon Analysis/Evaluation

Assignment:  Political cartoonists interpret their subjects by placing them within a framework.  Each cartoon–whether implicitly or explicitly–has a thesis, a message that it is trying to convey.  For this assignment, you will be working with a political cartoon, placing it within its political context and determining what its message is and how well the cartoon conveys that message.  Keep in mind that even though they are called political cartoons, you do not have to work with a cartoon that is about politics – any cartoon on a contemporary and specific incident/person will do.  There are examples of past student thesis statements on the last page of this prompt.

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Political Cartoon Analysis/Evaluation
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To begin with, choose a political cartoon published within the last six months from a newspaper or magazine (you can also get some from online sources – see below).  Cartoons that focus on something specific that you can research work best for this assignment.  YOU WILL NEED TO INCLUDE A COPY OF THE CARTOON WITH YOUR PAPER.  Determine the “event” behind the cartoon–that is, the reason the cartoon was written and, using periodical sources (newspapers and magazines), look into the facts behind the event.  Note: your paper must include at least three periodical sources (although one can be an internet source) and a Works Cited page (more specifics below), so don’t just briefly scan sources; find those that give the best information on the event. **You are only doing research to understand the issue the cartoonist is taking about.** Research is only part of this assignment – the paper should not be entirely a retelling of your research.**


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