Policy Framework

The goal here is to outline a general topic that lies at the intersection of law, policy, and society; to show why it is important; to discuss its local, state, national, and international policy makers; to relate themes within it to Policy Paradox; to discuss societal implications; and to generally explain what constitutes that policy area as you define. Finally, you are to discuss five possible specific, much narrower ideas within that topic you are considering for your research paper. Possibilities may come from civil rights, women’s rights, welfare reform, gay and lesbian rights, abortion, labor, disability rights, immigration, social security, health, environmental policy, national security, etc. It is pretty open-ended since all sorts of things lay at the intersection of law, policy, and society. This proposal should also include several potential sources for your paper—not just resources you have heard of, but resources you have already looked at, and incorporated into your framework. There is a 8 page limit. Double-spaced. Times New Roman 12 font. 1” margins.
When mentioning the book "Policy Paradox", it’s by Deborah Stone. Attached you will find some goals she mentions in her book, try to relate some parts of the research paper and the policy you choose to some of these goals.

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Policy Framework
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