Policies and procedures

Develop a range of policies and accompanying procedures for recruitment, selection and induction in a new organisation.
The recruitment process
This is the actual recruitment process and will help you find a person that fits your business.  Follow these simple steps:

  1. define your value proposition – what would employees get from working for you? (eg.  Faith Lutheran College is a Christian coeducational Secondary College with enrolments of approximately 720 students from Years 7 to 12 in 2016 and is situated on 24 hectares of picturesque land in the Lockyer Valley.

Applications are invited for the full-time term-time position (approx 43 weeks):

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Policies and procedures
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  1. develop your position description – including background about your business
  2. identify your target audience – making sure you look in the right places will minimise your effort and ensure a better result
  • school newsletter
  • SEEK
  • Smart Teachers Recruitment
  1. write your job advertisement and make sure you put it in the right places e.g. casual food and beverage jobs might suit having an ad placed on university online portal chat boards
  2. create a selection process and conduct an interview.

Describe the organisation and its core business then explain how and why you would analyse strategic and operational plans and policies before developing recruitment, selection and induction policies and procedures.
Reading the Handbook is an important part of orientation for all members of …….. College Council.  It is also an important resource for ongoing Council members.
Council members will realise when reading the Handbook that theirs is a very important and responsible role.  The defined role of the College Council contributes significantly to the success of this College.  When the Council fulfils its role well, all benefit.  However, when it does not fulfil its role well or goes beyond its customary role, the consequences could be very serious for the College.  For this reason it is expected that all Council members are aware of their individual and collective responsibilities as outlined in this Handbook.
In accordance with the Council’s governance policy all members should retain this Handbook in a secure place and will be asked to return it when they leave Council.
Make a list of the legislation and the regulations that are relevant to the policies and procedures.

  • LCA Safe Place Policy
  • Smart Copying Policy
  • Critical Incident Policy
  • Child Protection Policy
  • Child Protection Act – Refer attached Child Protection Acts 2007.
  • WHS Policy

Commission for Children & Young People Act 2000, requires that all staff working with children undergo a

  • screening process, after which a ‘Suitability Card’ will be issued.

Develop and list the supporting documentation or forms you will need to create, explaining the function of each. These support documents and forms should be industry relevant.

  • who you will consult with and why
  • how you will gain support from senior management
  • what technical applications will be of benefit to the development process

Will you base the policies and procedures around the utilisation of internal staff in the recruitment, selection and induction procedures or will you use external recruitment agencies? Explain.
External – can be advantageous as they do all the ground work (reference checks, interviewing, ensuring all induction protocol is reviewed etc.  However, this can be very costly to an organisation)  eg. Smart Teachers.
Internal – this can be tailored to exact requirements and position relevant.  No additional fees to a consultant company.  However, allowing time to ensure correct procedures are followed and documented accurately: advertising, short listing; interviewing, reference checks, letters of offers, contracts etc
When and how will you trial forms and documents that support policies and procedures in order to identify any need for adjustments?
Once you have finalised the policies and procedures they will require ratification by senior management and you will need to present them to employees in the organisation. How will you do this?
Staff Meetings / Student Free Days/ Staff Portal
What action will you take if employees need extra training in order to comply with the policies and procedures for recruitment, selection and/or induction?
Staff Training – PD sessions


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