Plot & Conflict

CART Essay Topics (“Plot & Conflict”)

1. A common human impulse is the desire for that which represents an ideal. An ideal may be represented in the physical, intellectual, moral, practical, or emotional attributes of another person or way of life. Literature offers many examples of the ways in which an individual is influenced by an ideal. What ideas does the author develop regarding the influence of an ideal on individual behavior?

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Plot & Conflict
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2. We o�en make choices whose outcomes are in some ways uncertain. Sometimes the manner in which we pursue happiness and satisfaction in life o�en lead to quite the opposite outcome. Looking at two or more of the texts studied in the course, explore critically the ways in which individuals pursue or compromise their happiness.

3. A trusted friend or betraying ally are recurring elements in fiction. In what ways and to what extent have at least two writers in your study made some use of such characterization?

4. Design an essay question of your own. Although you may want to explore another topic altogether, please see Mr. Paul in advance to discuss in more detail.


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