To make sound decisions about information security, a proper plan must be in place. Planning is defined as the process of developing, creating, and implementing strategies for the accomplishments of goals and objectives. Levels of planning include: Strategic, Tactical, and Operational. Scenario: You have been tasked with your security team to create a 3-5-minute presentation for the board in which you will demonstrate your teams plan to secure the organization’s assets during the next three to five years.You will create an 8 page power point document for a 3-5 minute video Using the company from SWEET 1 TASK, create a high-level (general) strategy for management to make informed decisions about their investments in security. In a 3- to 5-minute video/screencast, you must address the criteria below. Identify the business goals for the organization Make sure they align with the organization’s mission and vision statements. Note: These goals are usually created by the CEO of the company then translated into more specific goals for the levels below. Then define and map the individual responsibilities for your division and respond to the CEO’s general strategy with an IT-focused statement of strategy and supporting goals. These goals must be specific, measurable, achievable, and time-bound. Make sure to address for each : Specific security functions, processes and people/roles. Compliance standards, governing rules, regulations, etc. (at the international, federal, state, local, and industry specific legislation). Applicable security policies. Potential impacts to the organization should the security fail. Next, translate the plans and goals you created into a division-specific tactical plan. Outlining the following: How to achieve the high-level strategic plan. What actions are required to achieve short-term goals. Who has the responsibility for implementation? Lastly, translate the plans and goals you created into a division-specific operational plan. Outlining the following: How will resources be allocated to achieve short-term goals. What will be the desired outcome? How will progress be monitored. Within the screencast, make sure to reference a variety of visuals that contribute to the audience’s understanding of the technical aspects, recommendations, and overall objective of the plan.

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