Persuasive Topics

Persuasive Topics

Here are the approved topics for the persuasive essay. You do not have to select one from your own program of study, but if you select a topic that is not on the list, you must first get approval from your course faculty member.

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Persuasive Topics
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· Cryptocurrencies will/will not have a negative impact on our economy

· Impact of technology (AI, machine learning) in the workplace will/will not have a major effect on employment

· Workplace diversity training programs are/are not effective

· Transferable or soft skills are/are not essential for entrepreneurial success

· Emotional intelligence is/is not necessary for success in business

Early Childhood Education

· Childcare professionals should be/not be required to complete training in trauma-informed care

· Early childhood education programs should emphasize/not emphasize play activity

· The Montessori Method is/is not beneficial for learning

· Methods for reducing bullying in schools should/ should not start in early childhood

· Required standardized tests are/are not the best method for assessing childhood learning

Justice Studies

· Video evidence gathered from police body camera and dash-cams should/should not be released to the public

· Gender equity is/is not a major issue in criminal justice employment

· Privatizing prisons will/will not make the system more efficient

· Participation in restorative justice programs does/does not reduce recidivism among juvenile offenders

· Systemic discrimination has/has not led to disparities in the criminal justice system

Tech and Design

· It is/is not ethical to manipulate photography used in published work.

· Overuse of technology (phone, video games, social media, etc.) is/is not an addiction

· The digital divide is/is not a major issue in technology and design

· Teens who spend more time on social media are/are not more likely to suffer anxiety and/or depression

· Marketing of videogames should/should not be subject to parental control

Health Sciences and Nursing

· Healthcare delivery in telehealth is/is not effective

· Clinical simulation is/is not the best future option for clinical education

· Prescription substance abuse or the current opioid crisis needs/does not need to be addressed

· Unhealthy diet is/is not the main reason behind the onset of chronic illnesses

· Veterans do/do not receive the appropriate help and support when they return from service


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