Persuasive Paragraph

For this Writing Notes assignment, the following critical elements must be addressed in one fully developed paragraph each:

Writing Notes: Use these writing notes as a way to gather your thoughts and determine your strategy for writing your persuasive paragraph. This process will allow you to develop a potential structure for effectively persuading readers to agree with your argument. These notes will be helpful in keeping your thought process on track when you begin writing and revising your paragraph.

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Persuasive Paragraph
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1. Your argument is the main point that you are trying to make in your paragraph . It should clearly state your opinion on your issue. Describe the argument to be addressed in your persuasive paragraph, and include how the argument is connected to your major, the major you are considering pursuing, or your field of work.

2. Key points are pieces of evidence that support an author’s main argument. What are three possible key points for your selected issue? How do they support your main argument?

3. Your audience is the person or people you are addressing in your paragraph. Who is the audience that will be reading your paragraph? What potential challenges will you encounter in supporting your argument with this audience?

4. Your goal is the end result that you wish to achieve in writing this paragraph. What goal do you hope to accomplish? What will this essay need to be successful?

5. Potential resources are pieces of evidence that could be used to support your argument. List potential resources that could be used as supporting evidence for your argument, and provide a brief description of each and how it will reinforce your argument.

6. Using the supporting resources you identified above, list each of the points of your argument with the resources that support them. This process will help you begin to form an effective paragraph structure.

7. Determine aspects of your argument that would be effectively supported with evidence. Defend your choices.


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