Persuasive Memo

You are to write a 500 word persuasive memo to the company regarding the following scenario below:

“You work for a large accounting agency that is losing employees to smaller firms, and you would like for your company to institute late-start Mondays. You should include why this would be beneficial for the employees and the company as well (that’s two separate content requirements that should each be thoroughly addressed in separate body paragraphs). You should do some internet research to learn how a morale-based incentive like this might actually help with employee retention and benefit the company as well (this is a requirement if you choose this option). Include the information you found in as part of persuading with reasoning. Make sure to cite your sources.”

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Persuasive Memo
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You must incorporate two examples of persuading with reasoning and one example of persuading with values. On your final draft, highlight persuading with reasoning in green. Highlight persuading with values in blue. You may certainly incorporate more persuasive techniques than these, but I will be on the lookout for at least these.

· To persuade with reasoning you may use examples, facts, data, expert testimonial.

· To persuade with values you will need to determine what your reader’s values are and then convince him or her that your request is directly in line with those same values.

You will need to craft a tone that is formal, professional, and respectful. However, you also need to choose specific words that seek to persuade and create a sense of excitement for your reader. Highlight no fewer than 8 of these words in red.


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