Perspectives on Truth

How do we know if something is true and how do we agree on that ?

Ways We Determine What Is True ?

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Perspectives on Truth
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• Truth we feel

• Truth we are told

• Truth we figure out through reasoning

• Truth we observe

Notes: its easier to support a existing truth than a change.;We’re in an age of misinformation, right?, how do we kn whats truth. We’re in an age of misinformation, right?

The Truth We Feel

• Not based on touch; instead is visceral, instinctive, intuitive

• Root causes may be difficult to identify/explain ( truthiness)

• Nonverbal behaviors in others may be processed this way:

• we interpret the message accurately, but …

• we are unable to verbally articulate what cues were used to decode the message † See: Smith, Archer & Constanzo (1991)

• Myers (2002): Thinking isn’t always done in fully conscious ways • Often described as “gut-level” feelings

Notes: The truth we experience through feelings can occur in a variety of ways. But at the end of the day, it’s that special sauce that chemistry that you have. That’s intangible, right? Like so truth that we feel Can be, and sounds silly, but we know that there is something to it

Felt Truth Important in 4 Circumstances

1. Affective judgments

2. Information available

3. Complex judgments

4. Time constraints


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