No matter how well designed a website is, and no matter how high the quality of content, a

website that takes too long to load will lose visitors. A website’s loading speed determines how

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fast the pages respond to a user request. Faster site speed is preferred by the users who want an

optimal browsing experience, and the small business that wants increasing incoming

connections and high sales. Users want faster speeds. [74]

Visiting a fast-loading site is a pleasant experience. Visiting a slow-loading site is not. Surveys

now show that a person will wait less than three seconds (perhaps even less) for a webpage to

load before leaving, with a one-second delay possibly meaning a 7 percent reduction in

sales. [75] Google claims that the amount of site traffic drops by 20 percent for every 0.5 seconds

of load time. [76]

There are several factors that slow down the loading time for a website, not the least of which is

the connection speed of the user’s computer. This is out of the control of the web designer and

the site owner (the small business). The biggest culprit, however, is a large graphic or several

small graphics on a single page. [77] There are ways around this, known by any credible website

designer. The impact of “slow down” features should be tested before the site launches and

monitored afterwards.


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