Performance Management: Rewarding is essential for motivation

‘Rewarding is essential for motivation’. What type of incentives would be most suitable for the following workers

a) A cleaner

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Performance Management: Rewarding is essential for motivation
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b) A salesperson

c) A nurse

d) A shop assistant


Performance Management
Management of the performance of a certain aspect of an organisation is called Performance
Management. This might be limited to a certain part of the organisation or extend to the performances
of everything related to the company.
It might involve overseeing the performance of the entire organisation. On the other hand, it might
include the performance of individual features such as materials, machines, manpower, the final
product, the various departments within the organisation, etc.
Performance Management involves more than just managing the employee’s performance to achieve
the company’s objectives. It includes qualitative processes that should be applied to each person in the
workforce. Performance management affects the foundation of every organisation.
Performance Management is the systematic process by which an agency involves its employees, as
individuals and members of a group, in improving organisational effectiveness in the accomplishment of
the agency mission and goals.
The performance management process sets the platform for rewarding excellence by aligning individual
employee accomplishments with the organisation’s mission and objectives and making the employee
and the organisation understand the importance of a specific job in realising outcomes.
The establishment of clear performance expectations, which include results, actions and behaviours,
helps the employees understand what is expected of them in their jobs. It helps set standards and
eliminates jobs that are of no productive value. Through regular feedback and coaching, it provides the
advantage of diagnosing problems at an early stage and taking corrective actions.
Performance measures are a means of expressing expectations at work. In this way, employers can
determine their employees’ behaviours and conduct at work. In the same way, performance measures
must be in line with the main objectives of the company and must support the values of the business or
Performance measures are also essential as a means of enhancing discipline and correcting negative
habits that do not support the mission of the organisation.
Performance measures dictate the effectiveness and efficiency of the plan used to achieve the
organisation’s objectives. The efficiency of the plan points out the ability to minimise the use of
resources in achieving organisational objectives. Effectiveness refers to its ability to determine
appropriate objectives.
Performance management holds the future of an organisation or company. It is important to understand
that an organisation’s image contributes to its success. In the same way, performance measures must be
taken seriously as a means of building a reputation for the organisation or company


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