Performance Management and Performance Appraisal

– What is the difference between performance management and performance appraisal?

– Explain the process of performance management and analyse the role of a manager in making the process effective.

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Performance Management and Performance Appraisal
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– What are the characteristics of an unsuccessful versus a successful performance management system?

– What are some common errors and how can they be eliminated?

– Can performance management be a source of change?

– Why do different organizations have different performance management systems, although the principle of performance management is the same everywhere?

– Design a performance planning process for your organization (including all steps and people involved): use the Gantt chart to define the steps, timing and people involved

Compensation & Benefits

The company TECHTODAY S.L. is a Tech company based in Barcelona. They have 150 employees and would like to double size by December 2022. Their employees are mainly Engineering, Product, Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, HR & Finance. They have hired you as Comp&Ben Specialist and your main goal is to take ownership of TECHTODAY Comp&Ben philosophy and strategy. They ask you to:

– Design a global, consistent and competitive Reward Program covering the full scope of Compensation programs (benefits, compensation leveling structure, stock options … including sales and variable pay).





  • ●  Wordcount: The length of the document may not exceed 4 pages
  • ●  Cover, Table of Contents, References and Appendix are excluded from the total word count.
  • ●  Font: Arial 12,5 pts.
  • ●  Text alignment: Justified.
  • ●  Only one delivery is allowed.
  • ●  Late submission won’t be accepted.
  • ●  The file to upload must be in PDF format.
  • ●  The file name will follow the following format: FirstNameSurname_AS2.pdf
  • ●  The in-text References and the Bibliography have to be in Harvard’s citation style.



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