Performance Improvement Plan

Develop a  performance improvement plan that includes legal compliance and risk awareness for a selected HR scenario or your own workplace.

  •  2: Analyze human resource practices that promote positive employee relations and legal compliance.
    • Assess legal compliance and awareness of legal risk for the selected HR scenario.
  •  3: Explain the components of managing employee performance for organizational and personal success.
    • Describe the goal of the conversation for the selected HR scenario.
    • Articulate personal bias or preconceived assumptions for the selected HR scenario.
    • Develop best practices for delivering performance feedback to employees.
  •  6: Communicate professionally with all stakeholders.
    • Summarize the selected HR scenario.
    • Write in a clear, well-organized manner with the required number of resources to support a central idea, with no technical writing errors, as expected of a business professional.

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Performance Improvement Plan
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