People Are The Competitive Advantage

As we read in Chapter 3, functional strategy is the the level of strategy that each department must do to help the organization meet it’s goals and objective.  Human Resources Strategy help shape the skills and behaviors necessary to achieve goals.  The video below is an explanation that a full time faculty member, Prof. McLean, has recorded for you, and I think it should be very helpful.  Please view it for more details.

Review this handout – Strategy at Macomb Community College and post your initial responses here to the following:

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People Are The Competitive Advantage
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  1. Your two top strategy actions that would support the mission and the vision
  2. The employee behaviors necessary to carry out the strategies you mentioned in #1.

Replies are very specific this week. They should be an evaluation of your classmate’s response to #2 above.  Determine what you think HR Functional Strategies (policies and procedures) are needed in order to produce the necessary employee behaviors.  Tip:  View the Professor’s Discussion for specific information on HR functional strategy.

Posts and replies should be complete thoughts, add value, and be written using College English.  They should also contain examples and/or reference to the text/lecture where appropriate.  Be sure to check back regularly and answer any questions posed to you.  See the course syllabus for the quantity requirements and for more details.


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