Peer Status in Middle and Late Childhood

Discussion 2–Peer status in middle and late childhood:

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Peer Status in Middle and Late Childhood
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Friendships become very important in middle and late childhood as children spent more time interacting with peers.  What factors indicate whether a child will be liked or disliked?   Use your own words  to explain the 5 peer statuses as described in your textbook (definitions taken directly from the textbook will lose points).   Is peer status lifelong?  What makes it likely that children will change in status as they get older?  Provide examples in your post to show your understanding and application.

Post your well considered thoughts.  Your initial post must be at least 350 words and your responses must be at least 150 words. After you POST your ideas, you will be able to see other students’ posts and be able to comment on them. You must respond to at least two other students’ viewpoints substantively. Do not just say “I agree with you”, say why or why not….

Your POST is worth ten points for this assignment and your responses are worth 5 total.

This discussion will begin and all Initial posts must be completed by  1/13  Responses are due by 1/14 at midnight. Plan accordingly to complete  ON TIME .


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