Peer Review: Theory Selection

Peer Review: Theory Selection

Contains unread posts Available on Saturday, September 26, 2020 11:59 PM EDT  Group/section restrictions.

This is a group activity. For more information on groups, please see About Group Work.

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Peer Review: Theory Selection
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Now that you have chosen your book, it is time to claim your theories. Each member of the group needs to select two theories that they will compare when analyzing their chosen novels. No two students in the same group may work on the same two theories. (For example, one student may explore psychoanalytic and feminist theories, while another may explore psychoanalytic and Marxist theory.) It would be a good idea to claim your theories early if there are any you find particularly interesting. Throughout the course, you will share your different perspectives. The work you do in your groups will help prepare you for the final project.


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