PC Security

  1. Your word processing project will be to write an essay about a topic related to PC Security. Read this all through to the end once before you try it.


  1. Do some research on the Internet (Google, Wikipedia, etc.) and find out some information about ONE security issue, security problem or crime relating to use of a computer on the Internet. There are literally hundreds of issues that can include hacking, theft of information, theft of money, personal attacks, or vulnerabilities overall. If it can get you “hurt” in some way, it counts. Get information about the problem so you can describe it in detail and offer strategies for what a user could do to protect themselves. Be sure you have at least 2 URLs with good web sources, and also get 2 images. You will discuss 1 image now, and later at the end of the course you will turn this essay into a presentation where you will use both images.


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PC Security
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  1. Write 400-500 words about your topic. It must be all original writing and will provide the following:

* An introductory paragraph

* A middle, several paragraphs with explanation, description and detail so the reader has the basic idea of what the essay is all about.

* A concluding paragraph




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