Patterns In Action

Assignment Guidelines

In this assignment, you will be working to apply the patterns you’ve learned to a potential client. Imagine you have been tasked by one of the following companies to help manage their architectural solutions:

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Patterns In Action
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· A seed company that sells plants, seeds, and bulbs year-round through a mail-order catalog

· A home security company that wants to effectively and safely coordinate data across different sensors, cameras, and equipment

· A theme park that wishes to optimize ride wait times and reduce maintenance impact

Select one scenario. Apply two different patterns to your chosen scenario. For each pattern, you should do the following:

· Explain the context of the scenario that applies to this pattern. (You are free to make up this context as you deem necessary to prove a point.)

· Identify a problem that can be addressed by the pattern

· Present a solution that incorporates the pattern. Your solution should include a statement of the solution, your reasoning, and any relevant consequences

Then, provide a graphic display of your patterns applied to the architecture. You can use any modeling language or tool you prefer. Refer to Chapters 7 through 9 of this week’s reading for examples of how to apply a pattern.

Your final analysis report should be a minimum of two pages (500 words) and include at least one visual model.


· The assignment should be double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font, with one-inch margins

· Use APA for citing references and quotations


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