Patient and Family Centered Approach

Bill and Sue are both in their 80s and living in their own home. Sue’s was diagnosed with osteoporosis, but otherwise is in good health. Bill has been living with dementia for the last three years has fallen at least six times over the last six months without serious injury. He has had some skin tears and required stitches on his arm after one of the falls. When he falls, Sue calls one of the nearby children who come and help Bill from the floor.

1) Explore informed risk, autonomy, and beneficence as it applies to this situation.

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Patient and Family Centered Approach
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After two more years in their own home, Bill falls, breaks his femur. He has a surgical repair but has not been able to bear weight since the fracture. His confusion increased with the hospitalization and now the move to long term care for rehabilitation.

You are the nurse admitting Bill to the long-term care center three days post operatively.


2) How would a patient and family centered approach impact the way you conduct your assessment, prioritize concerns, develop goals, and formulate interventions to reach those goals?

3) After two weeks in the long term care center, you note that Bill has lost six pounds since admission. Bill’s wife Sue eats lunch with Bill almost every day and tells you that Bill is ‘not a fan’ of the types of food served. What approach would you take?


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