Past References

One of our previous clients, Rayonier Advanced Materials, represents a similar manufacturing organization that produces engineered products with technical specifications. They experienced similar problems in struggling to meet scheduled product shipment dates. However, they were successfully able to reduce late shipments by adopting controls for the manufacturing specification for producing new products.

The product development process begins with the research department identifying new product specifications that customers want within the market. The marketing and sales team communicate customer issues and requests to the research group. Next, the research department formalizes the product specification, the executive team approves the product specification, and they submit them to the manufacturing technical department. Then, the manufacturing technical department develops the required manufacturing specifications for the production team. Finally, production rigorously follows the manufacturing specifications.

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Past References
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Only the technical department is authorizes changes to the manufacturing specifications and controls the information exchange between research’s wishes and production’s actual capabilities. By strictly controlling this information exchange, the technical department minimizes specification changes to the production schedule by preventing introduction of extraneous or unfeasible products at the last minute. The executive team’s deliberate support and empowerment of the technical department ensure that the information exchange is controlled, and production stays focused on producing only appropriate products.


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