Parental Alliance and Bonding

Discuss the implications of parental alliance and bonding on the new baby. What fosters parental alliance and bonding? What are potential consequences for impaired bonding and/or parental alliance?

Programs like Head Start aimed at providing cognitive enrichment for children growing up in impoverished areas focused on children ages 3-5. The newer works on brain development, however, suggest that this may be too late. Do you think enrichment programs for infants would make more sense? Are such programs likely to be socially acceptable or practically feasible?

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Parental Alliance and Bonding
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Theory of mind emerges at about age 4, but many adults still have trouble understanding other people’s thoughts and motives. Ask a few people why someone in the news did whatever he or she did (e.g., a scandal, a crime, a heroic acts). Then ask your informants how sure they are of their explanation. Compare and analyze the reasons as well as the degrees of certainty. (One person may be sure of an explanation that someone else thinks is impossible.) Discuss your findings.


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