Parens Patria

1. What is meant by the term parens patria? Does it still exist in today’s juvenile justice

system? 2. Do you think we should have a separate juvenile justice system or simply handle the

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Parens Patria
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most serious juvenile criminals through the adult system and divert the rest? Justify your answer.

3. Are you in favor of a return to a philosophy of rehabilitation for the juvenile justice system? Why or why not?

4. Should the incarceration of juveniles be limited to only a certain age group (e.g., 16 years or older)? Should juveniles who are very young (e.g., 12 years old) be incarcer- ated with those who are older (e.g., 17 years old)? Why or why not?

Key Terms Age of Enlightenment  A philosophi- cal revolution in England and France in the 1700s.

child savers  American reformers who were concerned that youth were still housed with adults and that the focus of incarcera- tion remained highly punitive.

Elmira Reformatory  Established in the 1870s, this reformatory was designed for first-time felony offenders between the ages of 16 and 30.



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