Organization’s Culture

How Can Unions Help Improve An “Organization’s Cultureā€? How Can They Make It “Worse”?


(5) pages APA style

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Organization’s Culture
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I. Introduction
In this section you should specifically identify and define the issue or problem you are studying and outline its importance. You can also use this section to limit the issue (i.e., describe the aspects of the issue that you will not touch upon).

II. Background

In this section you should briefly describe the history of the issue, trends and its current status. You can also provide context by describing relevant developments in other localities, states or countries.

III. Alternatives
This section should describe various options that are available to address the issue. In some cases there may be essentially two options (“yes, we should do this”, and “no, we should not”). With each alternative you must also specifically describe advantages and disadvantages of the proposed alternative. Bullet points are a convenient way to format this section.

IV. Recommendation
In this section, you should weigh the evidence and recommend (one or more) of the alternatives described in section III. You must be specific about how you reached your conclusions and on what evidence you based your recommendation.


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